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Folding Carton Paperboard Choices

Substrate Options

Superior folding cartons begin with the proper choice of substrate, paperboard with the performance and graphics quality to successfully market the packaged product. The wide variety of substrates available to the folding carton producer make it easy to make the wrong choice. Converters must carefully assess printability, packaged product protection, package design requirements, processability, and package value to appreciate the tradeoffs. Folding cartons represent a form of paperboard packaging that is constructed from 10 to 36-point (thick) board. These board types consist of a wide range of virgin and/or recycled grades (SBS, FBB, SUS, CUK, CRB, UKB, etc.). These grades possess varying characteristics that make each right for specific packaging requirements. 

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Growth of UV Ink in the Global Printing Ink Market 

UV Ink as a component of the global printing ink market has been forecast to grow at a 15.7% CAGR between 2015-2020 to reach $3.5 billion in 2020. Currently the global market for UV coatings has a value of $3,430. million with a future forecast projecting sustained growth of 6.1% CAGR by 2026 or $ 6,187 million.Figures courtesy Allied Research Markets & Future Markets Insights New opportunities for growth continue to be identified, while there is increasing penetration of known and new markets with ever expanding new applications. There is now a greater than 40-year period of sustained growth. 

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Why Replace Petroleum Based Extrusion Coated Polyethylene?

More and more printers and converters are responding to requests for paper and paperboard coatings that can replace petroleum based extrusion coated polyethylene (PE) or Poly Replacement. Alternative barrier coating products that are safe for the environment are in favor due to brand marketers, legislative, political and consumer pressure.

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Opening Aqueous Coatings 

Aqueous coatings may be thermoplastic or thermoset, emulsion or solution polymer blends. The major volatile component is water along with small percentages of other volatile items. Some of these, such as ammonia or amine can evaporate and accumulate in the headspace of a sealed container, therefore opening is best done in a well ventilated area. 

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Growth of Digital Printing 

Digital printing has advanced continually since its introduction in the 1970’s. Electrophotography and inkjet having been the beneficiaries of the majority of development money spent on printing technology. Great improvements have followed in speed, quality, reliability, and scalability leading to new applications. 

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Paper Substrates Forgive, Plastic Ones Do Not.

Much has happened since we last wrote about printing on plastic substrates. Compared to a few years ago, many more printers are printing on plastic substrates and the variety of available substrates has increased, as has interest in printing on these materials, the result of innovative new applications.

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WVTR & MVTR Permeation 

Many packaged products are sensitive to moisture. Therefore, control of water vapor into or out of the package is critical to the contained product’s quality. The permeability of packaging materials has a direct effect on a packages performance in terms of the contained products shelf-life. This permeation by moisture is measured by WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) or MVTR (moisture vapor transmission rate). The primary purpose of packaging is to get the packaged product to the customer in one piece and suitable for consumption. Packaging plays many roles, containing and protecting products during distribution, storage, and use, while also promoting, educating, and selling. 

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